Couples Therapy

Having a strong relationship with your partner is absolutely essential in achieving the greatest satisfaction and happiness in life. If your relationship is characterized by petty arguments, misunderstandings and general discord, you probably are not as happy as you could be. You may be questioning if you and your partner even like each other anymore or you may wonder why you were attracted to this person in the first place. In order to achieve your greatest sense of well being in the world, you must find a good balance between work and love.  And with so many stressors the average person encounters in everyday life, this balance can easily become disturbed. This is why Couples Therapy can be so helpful.  It is a safe place where you can talk to your partner honestly, in a way that somehow never gets accomplished outside the therapist’s office without a big fight erupting.  And many couples wait so long before addressing their difficulties the relationship itself becomes one of the biggest stressors of their lives.