Working with Artists and Creative Individuals


In addition to working with adults who are anxious, depressed or have more specific problems with their career goals and/or relationships, I have extensive experience with people working in the arts, whether it be acting, directing, writing, painting, or performing in dance, music, or multi-media. There are specific conflicts that creative individuals struggle with on a regular basis. Having spent time in and around the art world before moving into the study of psychology and psychoanalysis, I have a unique perspective into the emotional challenges involved in the creative process, and have found psychotherapy to be especially helpful in getting to the heart of the creative struggle.  Oddly, artists tend to shy away from psychotherapy believing it may rob them of their creative drive, but I find that having a regular place and time to explore both personal and creative conflicts is the most fruitful approach to resolving them.  Conflicts in personal relationships often overlap with creative blocks and are best dealt with together in sessions.  And an artist’s creative productivity is intimately tied to his or her identity as a human being so any conflicts around one’s art is bound to adversely affect one’s self esteem.  Clearing up some of the conflicts experienced in the pursuit of art can easily lead to a renewed direction and purpose in one’s work.